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Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in WESTrek Services. If you joined our "JOB LIST" and you are considered for being hired, the next step is to complete an APPLICATION (below). Please fill out the application below.  Once completed, press the SUBMIT button. This will send the application to WESTrek main office and we will forward it to the Manager at the location you are being considered.

If you have not joined our Job List you may still fill out the Application below and your information will be received.


Please complete all applicable questions. An application MUST be filled out for EACH applicant. If couples wish to apply together, please complete an application for EACH of you.

 Additional Information 

Are you at least 18 years old? 

Will you accept part time employment ?

Will you accept seasonal employment ?

Do you hold a current Security Guard Certification Card?

If Yes

Do you have any special certifications or abilities?

Education Information 
Upload Resume PDF File Only
Employment  Information 
Last one first please 

Have you worked for another concessionaire or government agency in a position like this?

Please provide additional Details  

Do you plan to live in an RV at the job location?

If Yes, please describe your RV.

Do you have a pet that will reside with you on-site?

If Yes, please describe your pet, its size and habits?

Have you been convicted of a felony in the last 5 years?  This will not disqualify you from possible employment.

(Optional)  Please add additional information you would like to include in your application:

Thanks for submitting!

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