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Service and Care of  People, Land & Facilities

The owner WESTREK Services as well as other management companies has a longstanding history of traditional values and service with 30+ years of experience in managing and maintaining public recreation facilities. We provide management services that include facility and grounds maintenance,  management of  campgrounds, security, managed parking lots, water recreation facilities, fast food, vacation rentals,  marinas, fuel docks, boat rentals, bait and tackle stores and the sale of sundry items.

WESTrek Services has re-tooled and re-branded its approach to managing recreational properties, bringing the industry a fresh new way of providing great customer service and products as well as building strong partnerships with the public agencies we contract with.

We seek out and train to high standards team members that love to provide great customer service to our visitors and enjoy maintaining the facilities on our great public lands.  We hope you can join our team!

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